62 projects from 64 creatives
April 13-28th, 2019
every day from 11:00 - 17:00

Alan Whitfield Chaparral Andy Hodges Anna Mitchell Anne Weshinskey Arni Gudmundsson belit sag Cathy Wrobel Christopher Bond  David Garner Debbie Budenberg Fiona Davies Genesis Dove Whispering Dishes Harri Carmichael Heather Hudson Helen Birnbaum Helen Danson Ioan Griffith Jan Hale Jane Ross Jayne Lawless Janina Holloway Jonathan Lewis Jonathan Smith Josie Jenkins Justine Montford Judy Moody-Stuart Karen Ankers Lara Usherwood Lee Duggan Lin Cummins Marirose Pritchard Martin Daws Mel Roberts Michael Prince Mishelle Kit Adrenaline Brush Board Games Nisa Ojalvo Nicola Carter Ol Guse Pat Arnao Peter Appleton Peter Hughes Philip Cassidy Remy Dean Rhona Bowey Rhys Trimble Helmet Seana Cragg Sarah Bowker-Jones Secil Yayali Stephen Green Sterly and Snell Tammy Woodrow Tom Witherick Trish Bermingham Clare Brumby Ulgen Semerci Ness Owen Veronica Calarco
Wanda Garner Wendy Dawson

62 projects from 64 creatives fill the entirety of Plas Bodfa, a currently empty manor house in Llangoed on the Isle of Anglesey. This remarkably multi-disciplinary group art exhibition explores the idea of ‘sui generis’, a Latin phrase meaning "of its (his, her, their) own kind; in a class by itself; unique”. It has been adopted by the legal profession for unusual buildings, properties that fall outside normal designation.

In 1920 the walls of Plas Bodfa were built to contain a domestic dwelling, an interior space in which people lived their lives. Then their meaning changed. They contained a restaurant ‘with rooms’, and then a residential care home, then a tapestry kit company complete with a gift shop and tea room. Finally, the walls contained nothing, the house has been empty for the last twelve years, until artist Julie Upmeyer and her husband Jonathan Lewis bought the property last year.  Plas Bodfa will eventually be home to art studios, an artist residency program, holiday-lets, events, retreats, a family home, and cultural projects of all kinds.

What are the possibilities of a house? With performance and painting, collage and ceramics, skateboarding and singing, poetry and polyrhythmic drumming, fairytales and photography, games and gramophones, sculpture and storytelling, re-enactments and a retroscope, this exhibition is a one-time opportunity to fill the currently vacant 36 room / 1,000 sqm space with creative acts, before complete renovation begins.

Sui Generis is a project of Julie Upmeyer, an artist and initiator.

Sui Generis is part of the Anglesey Art Weeks – Open Studios and Galleries 2019.