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wildflower meadow 

Our paddock, historically used for gardening, has been a grassy meadow for the last several decades. We have embarked on a program to establish a pollinator-specific wildflower meadow focusing on species ideal for bees, insects and butterflies. We have removed the top layer of grass from three areas which are now, after many weeding sessions, mostly free of vegetation. Using perforated hose to create a rudimentary irrigation system, we are ready with the plug wildflower plants. See our recipe below. After a final cut of the grass in the autumn we will introduce yellow rattle, a wildflower which depletes the nitrogen from the soil, making it more welcoming to the wildflowers over the legacy non-native grasses.

For Bees:

Common Agrimony
Cluttered Bellflower
Greater Knapweed
Vipers Bugles
Meadow Cranesbill
Wild White Clover
Tufted Vetch
Wild Marjoram
Wild Thyme

For Butterflies:

Kidney Vetch
Wild Carrot
Lady’s Bedstaw
Birdsfoot Trefoil
Musk Mallow
Burt Saxifrage
Salad Burnet
White Campion