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Jonathan and Julie met in Istanbul, married and had the first of their two children the ever-changing crossroads of civilisations. They chose to make their home on Anglesey, drawn by the exciting complexity of beaches, mountains, adventure, art and culture that have led to a boom in artisanal businesses and dynamic tourism choices throughout Anglesey and North Wales.


Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis is a photographer who also works in telecoms.  Hailing from North Wales, he has worked in the UK and abroad, latterly for 10 years in Istanbul - where his creative side led him to complete a masters in documentary photography.   Having travelled and worked around the world he has taken great delight in re-discovering the heritage tourism of his home country as well as the offerings old and new that have earnt North Wales the title of “adventure capital of Europe”.


Julie Upmeyer

Julie Upmeyer is an artist and initiator who creates sculptures and objects, performances and installations. Her artworks, projects, and exhibitions have taken her all over the world. She is instinctively drawn to artist residencies – which to her are a perfect combination of production, surprise, and international connectedness. She co-founded Caravansarai, an art space and residency program in Istanbul and has had the pleasure of attending several different residencies as an artist.